How To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker? [The Ultimate Guide]

How To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker

Many of you might be wondering how you can descale and clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. It is very confusing at times to know the exact drill on how to clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. In this article, I’ll provide you with an ultimate guide on the complete cleaning process.

There are a few necessary steps that you should follow while cleaning your Ice Maker. Here are some formidable solutions for you to clean the interior and exterior part of your frigidaire Ice Maker and make your life easier. 

These steps are very easy and it will help you to remove all the molds and will make your Ice Maker look like a new one. I’ll also give you some necessary tips that I personally follow to use the Ice Maker properly.

Hence, don’t go anywhere without finishing my entire article:

5 Easy Steps To Clean A Frigidaire Ice Maker:

If you follow my recommended 5 steps, you can easily clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. Not only these steps and guidelines will help you to clean your Ice Maker, they will give you an insight into how the Frigidaire Ice Maker works and the things to do to maintain your Ice Maker from time to time.

Therefore, follow these 5 easy steps to clean a Frigidaire Ice Maker:

Step 1 : Unplug Your Ice Maker:

Before you jump straight into cleaning your Frigidaire Ice Maker, make sure your Ice Maker is switched off. This is a very important step as many people make the mistake and start cleaning it off while the Ice Maker is on.

Be very careful while you start cleaning and digging deep into the fridge, make sure everything is turned off. You can get into serious trouble and life-threatening injury if by any way accidentally you get an electric shock while cleaning off your Ice Maker.

Step 2: Remove Your Ice Bin From The Ice Maker:

After unplugging your Ice Maker, put your hand gloves on and gently remove the Ice Bin from the Ice Maker. It is not necessary to wear gloves, but since there is a pandemic going on it is good and safe to take some protective measures while you are cleaning your household.

After removing the Ice Maker, you will see there is already some water clogged in there. You will also find some layered Ice in the Ice Bin. Drain out the water and the Ice from the bin.

Step 3: Use Detergents and Clear Water To Wash The Interior And Exterior Of Your Frigidaire:

Wait a few minutes for the Ice Bin to dry off, and then use some detergents to gently clean the inside of the Ice Bin. Make sure you are using clear water to wash the inside of the Ice Bin and the Maker.

The next important thing is to use the right materials to clean the Ice Maker. Use a cloth and warm clear water to rinse the inside and outside of the Ice Maker. After cleaning the inside and outside of the Ice Maker, do not leave it off-dry. 

Then use a soft cloth to dry off the interior part of the Ice Bin and also the exterior part of your Frigidaire. Make sure the Ice Bin is completely dried off before you gently put it back inside the Frigidaire.

Step 4: Use Of Vinegar And Lemon Water: 

Many of you will now question yourself why I did not mention this part in the previous step right! Well, this is also a very crucial step to successfully clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker.

After the third step is done, now pour a ratio of 10:1 of water and vinegar or water and Lemon juice into the Ice Bin and make Ice Cubes with either of these two solutions. Most people knowingly skip this part as it is very boring and repetitive.

After making Ice cubes with the solution, drain out the cubes into the sink or wherever it is convenient for you. Repeat this circle at least two or three times and then make a new batch of Ice Cubes with regular water and for the very last time drain them again.

Keep repeating the circle, until and unless you will not find any smell of the solution in the Ice Cubes. Once you are sure that the Ice Cubes do not smell or taste of that particular solution, your Ice Bin is clean and ready to make Ice again.

Step 5: Plugging Your Ice Maker On And Resume The ServIce:

After going through all these necessary steps to clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker, it is time to plug your Ice Maker and resume the servIce. Many people just rush in straight into plugging the Ice Maker on, but there are still some necessary things that you should do before finally resuming the servIce.

As I have already mentioned a little bit about cleaning the exterior part of the Frigidaire, I will still explain why this is an important and necessary step. Make sure the exterior part is properly cleaned with a detergent or a solution of vinegar, lemon, and warm water.

If you do not maintain the exterior part of the Frigidaire, the dust, and small unwanted particles will eventually slide into the Ice Maker. The dust can not be seen with an empty eye.

Always make sure both the interior and exterior part is cleaned with the solution and properly dried off, before you put the plug on and start making Ice again.

What Can You Use To Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker?

There are some necessary things that you can use to clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. Here I make a list of those things:

All the items are mostly available in your Kitchen cabinet, but if some of the items are missing it is better to get them from your nearest superstore before you start cleaning your Frigidaire Ice Maker. 

You definitely do not want to run cold after you start cleaning the Ice Maker. It is important to have these items around even if you do not need them at times. 

When Is The Right Time To Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker?

Well, this is a very common question amongst the audiences is it the right time to clean your Ice Maker. Even though it all varies from person to person and completely depends on the Usage of your Ice Maker, it is better to clean your Ice Maker after every two months. 

There are actually some signs by which you can figure out the right time to clean your Frigidaire Ice Maker. If you notice that your Ice cubes smell bad and have an unusual taste it is definitely the time you should clean your Ice Maker.

Some of the other signs include a complete change in the cube’s appearance. The Ice cubes will look smaller and melt faster than usual. You can also see dirt on the interior of the Ice Bin or the interior walls.

Should I Use Vinegar Or Bleach To Kill Mold For My Frigidaire Ice Maker?

You can use both vinegar or bleach to kill mold for your Ice Maker. But there are some advantages if you use Vinegar to kill mold for your Ice Maker. I will provide you the exact details in short for you to understand the effectiveness of Vinegar and also why you should choose Vinegar over Bleach

Vinegar kills 80% percent of the mold species that are found in your Ice Maker or in any surface of your Frigidaire. You can pour the vinegar into the spray bottle and do not dilute it as it will lose the temper and effectiveness of the vinegar.

Just spray the places where you can see the molds and wait for an hour to dry it off. Then use some clean water to gently rinse the places where there are molds with a dry cloth.

On the other hand, Bleach also kills mold but the chemicals that are present in the bleach only help to kill the mold that is present on top of the surface. The chemicals of the bleach do not penetrate and it prevents from going deeper into the surface. 

Another main problem is bleach actually triggers the growth of molds which helps them grow and come back even faster. It is only recommended to use bleach to kill only a small amount of molds.

How Much Vinegar Should You Use To Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker? 

This is the most common question people ask about the amount of vinegar that is needed to clean the Ice Maker. The solution is very easy to make, and you need the right amount of mixtures to make the solution that is needed to clean.

The ratio is 10:1 to create the solution. Use 10 cups of water and a cup of vinegar to make the solution. You can also add some lemon water into the solution as it helps to kill the mold inside the Ice Maker.

Always use White vinegar to make the solution and the smell of white vinegar is very strong. After you are done cleaning the Ice Maker, the smell will eventually go away once you drain out the cubes 3 or 4 times repeatedly as I have already mentioned above.

How Often Should You Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker?

If you keep cleaning your Frigidaire Ice Maker on a daily basis for say once every two months and maintain and check the exterior every week, I can assure you it will serve you for a long period of time.

4 Necessary Tips To Maintain Your Frigidaire Ice Maker:

You definitely would want your Frigidaire Ice Maker to function right and give you proper servIce in the long run. If you want to maintain and keep your Frigidaire Ice Maker clean in the long run, you should definitely do these.

Here are my 4 personal tips for maintaining your Frigidaire Ice Maker:

Tips 1- Don’t Keep Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Unnecessarily On:

There is no point in keeping the Ice Maker on if you are out of the house for more than two days. A wet Ice bin will cause molds to grow and you definitely do not want that to happen.

If you are out on a vacation or away for a longer period of time, I would highly recommend you drain out all the water and Ice cubes from the ice Maker, leave it until it’s dry, and then unplug before you head out for a good vacation.

Tips 2- Clean It Correctly:

As I have already mentioned the necessary steps to clean off your Frigidaire Ice Maker, most people do not go through the steps as it is very time-consuming. At the same time, it is very important to clean your Ice Maker to work fine and your Ice cubes to taste great.

Tips 3- Clean It Regularly:

Clean your Ice Maker with a dry rug every week, it will help to keep the dirt off from going inside the Ice Maker. You can also clean your Ice Bin or Storage each day from any molds and bacteria to take place and from all kinds of impurities.

Tips 4- Say No To Hot Boiled Water:

If you want your Ice Maker to continue and serve you in the long run, do not use hot boiled water to clean the inside of your Ice Maker. The boiled water will melt the plastic inside the Maker which is the most important part of your Ice Maker.

Final Verdict:

Well cleaning your Frigidaire Ice Maker is a necessary thing that you should involve in your weekend cleaning plan. It is not difficult to clean your Ice Maker, but it surely does take some time and patience.

Maintaining your Ice Maker will also help you to make quality Ice cubes and the taste will be very nice. Anyway, that’s it from me. If you still have any queries or suggestions regarding this topic, feel free to comment down below.

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