How To Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker? (A-Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are that your Whirlpool ice maker isn’t working. It’s a pain when the ice maker in your fridge stops working and it can be hard to figure out what is wrong. Luckily for you, I can help!

Because in this article I’m going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to reset a whirlpool ice maker. I’ll also let you know about 11 easy steps that you can follow to reset your Whirpool Ice Maker. At the end of my article, you’ll get the answers to topic-related other questions too.

Hence let’s not waste any more time and get into the article, please make sure that you read the entire parts:

11 Steps To Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker:

In this part of my article, I’m going to explain the whole process of resetting a whirlpool ice maker. So, follow these 11 steps to  reset the whirlpool ice maker the right way in a short period of time:

Step 1: Unplug The Power Source:

Firstly you have to unplug the ice maker from its power source. This is necessary because the ice maker won’t work correctly until the power has been cut off for a few seconds.

Step 2: Remove The External Wires:

Now you have to remove any wire harnesses that connect to the appliance from its back. You can easily do so, by pulling them out with your fingers. There are usually two sets of wires on either side, and each set is connected in one spot at the rear of the appliance. 

While dealing with these wires, you must be careful and not touch them with your bare hands. Moreover, you must not forget to wear gloves and other necessary gear.

Step 3: Remove The Remaining Ice Cubes:

Remove all cubes and put them in a freezer bag or container for later use. You cannot keep ice cubes in the ice maker while resetting it because it will overflow and ruin the appliance.

Step 4: Turn On The Water Supply:

Turn on the water supply to fill up the ice maker with about two gallons of cold tap water, then turn it off again. At least two gallons of water are necessary to reset the ice maker fully.

Step 5: Turn Off The Power Supply To The Refrigerator:

Now you have to turn off the power supply to the refrigerator. You can either unplug it or turn on a switch that will break electricity flow from your wall outlet. 

This is necessary to prevent any danger of an electrical shock while you are dealing with wires and water inside of the appliance.

Step 6: Loosen Up All The Screws:

Now is the time to unscrew all screw nuts. You can unscrew the nuts with the proper screwdriver or use a butter knife if you don’t have one. 

While unscrewing all the wires you have to remember removing them altogether from their respective terminals on the ice maker. This is necessary to stop any electrical flow, even though we know that there’s no power flowing in this scenario because it has been cut off at the wall outlet

Step 7: Remove The Debris:

Next, remove any loose debris from inside using a beaker or cup that you can’t see through. Fill this container with just enough warm tap water so that you can easily see inside. 

Now take the water container and pour it over the ice maker, over all sides of the appliance, so that you remove any debris or dirt that might be stuck to it from previous use. Wipe down with a paper towel after soaking to dry off any excess liquid left on top of the machine

Step 8: Check The Amount Of Ice Cubes:

Check inside the storage bin to ensure that all of the cubes have been removed and add more ice cubes if needed. Close the refrigerator door firmly after removing or adding any additional ice cubes. Besides that, you have to ensure that you do not slam the door shut.

Step 9: Patiently Wait For 3 Minutes:

Wait at least three minutes before plugging in the appliance. Plug it back into an electrical outlet to complete the reset procedure. 

Step 10: Power On The Ice Maker:

Press any buttons on the front of the refrigerator door or inside the storage bin that is usually used to power the ice maker.

Step 11: Do Some Shaking And Conclude The Reset Procedure:

Now, shake the ice maker for about a minute before it turns on again. This will reset the internal timer or button that is causing the problem you are experiencing.

What To Do If The Whirpool Ice Maker Still Does Not Work After Resetting It: 

Although resetting the ice maker usually helps the system to work, there have been cases where ice makers do not work even after going through a proper reset. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, do not worry, for this is a common problem.

Moreover, there are a few solutions to address this issue. Below I’ll provide 5 different solutions that help you to fix the whirlpool ice maker after resetting:

Solution 1: 

If any buttons are not working or ice cubes are not being made, then you can try following these steps and shaking the icemaker as instructed. However, if the ice maker still does not work, it is time to fix the broken part.

Solution 2: 

If cubes are being made, but they aren’t coming out of the tray or machine, try opening and closing the icemaker door a few times.

Solution 3:

If you hear a buzzing sound and the ice cubes are not coming out, this is likely because of an obstruction in the tube. Remove any obstructions to fix this issue.

Solution 4: 

If the water inside of the ice maker is not being filled, then there may be a leak in your ice maker. Now what to do if there is a leak in the ice maker and water inside of the machine? If there is a leak in the ice maker and water has found its way inside of the machine, then it might be necessary to shut off the power. 

Depending on what type you have cabinet door or under your sink – use this will depend on where your electrical panel is located)then unplug all appliances plugged into that particular outlet.

Solution 5: 

If your ice maker is under the sink, then turn off the water heading into it. If you have a cabinet door unit and there’s no electrical panel nearby, such as in an area where your dishwasher or refrigerator are installed – unplug all appliances plugged into that particular outlet before turning them back on after calling for service.

Why Do Ice Makers Require Reset?

Here I describe the reasons why do ice makers require reset:

Irregular Cleaning:

If you do not regularly clean your ice maker, it may need resets. The ice maker may need regular cleaning. If the water is not running through freely, it will freeze and block up the machine. 

This can also happen if an object has fallen into the freezer compartment or when food items are blocking airflow to this appliance. Henceforth it would help if you clean the ice maker to prevent it from getting blocked.

Change In Usage Technique:

If there have been drastic changes in household use, the ice maker may need a reset. For example, suppose you have recently added or removed an appliance to your home. In that case, it could be affecting your water pressure and interrupting the cycle of making ice cubes. 

Break In The Waterline:

Another reason why the icemaker may require reset is if there has been a break in the waterline. A break in the waterline will interrupt the water flow to your appliance.

How Can I Tell If My Whirlpool Ice Maker Needs To Be Reset? 

You may have to reset your ice maker when any of these two scenarios take place:

If you notice slow filling in the ice maker tray or chunks of ice in your freezer, it may need to be reset.
When the appliance is not functioning correctly or notices water dripping from underneath the machine, it needs regular cleaning and possibly a reset.

Related Questions:    

What Does It Mean If Ice Cubes Are Being Made, but they Aren’t Coming Out? 

This may be because of an obstruction in the tube or because you came too close to closing your door on them! Try opening and closing the ice. If cubes are made, but they won’t come out, you should make sure that your ice maker is turned on.

Why Does My Ice Maker Not Turn Off?

This may be because of an obstruction in the tube or for any other reason. You can manually shut off power in an emergency by pressing the red button located on the back of our icemaker. This will stop all water flow and cubes from being made until it is 

What Are The Reasons For The Water To Leak From My Icemaker?    

There are many reasons for the water to leak from your ice maker. One of these is because you have a hole in one or more tubes or an obstruction inside the ice maker that won’t allow it to be filled with water and make cubes. 

Your valve could also be turned off at this time,  and this would also cause water to leak. Another reason for the ice maker not turning off is because there may be a frozen build-up in your freezer, and it will keep on running until you take care of that problem.

Should I Turn My Ice Maker Back On? 

You should only turn your ice maker back on if you are either having ice machine problems or have one of the reasons mentioned above for turning it back on.

How To Clean My Ice Maker?

The best way to clean the ice maker is by removing any obstructions or frozen build-up that may be present. Another great way of cleaning your icemaker and keeping it in a clean state would be by using an appliance cleaner like “Mr. Clean,” which can be found at most grocery stores in their household section. Or you can use any other safe cleaner on the ice maker.


If you’re looking for some quick and easy steps that will help to reset your ice maker, we’ve got them right here. I’m very sure that the above-mentioned guidelines have helped you to solve the problems with your refrigerator’s ice-making abilities! 

Let me know if you liked our blog post or have additional questions about the process of resetting an icemaker below. 

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