How To Use An Auto Ice Maker In Samsung Refrigerator?

How To Use An Auto Ice Maker In Samsung Refrigerator

Auto ice maker is incomparable for getting instant ice at any time. You can use the auto ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator to get ice as per your demand. To make proper ice, you have to know how to use the auto ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator.

In an auto ice maker, the water temperature should be kept at 0 to 5 degrees with proper pressure. Level the Samsung refrigerator so that the auto ice maker does not stop working. Furthermore, the water supply and water filter must be in the exact condition.

Anyway, I will assist you to use an auto ice maker in a Samsung refrigerator. I have described the problems with automatic ice makers and how they can be fixed. Here you can find out everything about the Samsung refrigerator auto ice maker.

7 Steps To Use An Auto Ice Maker In Samsung Refrigerators:

You have a Samsung refrigerator auto ice maker. I assume it is the latest model.  How to use it, I have described below step by step.

Step-1: Turn On The Ice Maker

Your auto ice maker is off now. Hence, you will see a dark icon on the external display of the ice distributor. You have to keep the auto ice maker on to prepare the ice. That’s why press the button to turn on your auto ice maker in the Samsung refrigerator. Hold down the button for 3 seconds. Then the auto ice maker will be on.

Step-2: Set The Water Pressure

You need to keep pressure on the auto ice maker of the Samsung refrigerator to prepare ice properly. The amount of pressure in the auto ice maker should be 20 psi. If the amount of pressure is low, the shape of the ice cubes will not be right. Ice cubes may have bubbles or may be broken.

You need to check the water pressure. You can use a water pressure gauge to check the pressure. Take a cup if you don’t have a pressure gauge. Then disconnect the water supply line. Hold down the water supply button for 10 seconds. 

Collect the water that will come out of the water supply line in a cup. If 3/4 of the cup is filled with water, the water pressure is ok. If less water comes out, you need to adjust the water pressure. The water supply line will be on the back of your Samsung refrigerator. This line is connected by an inlet valve. 

Turn off the power connection to the refrigerator before turning off the waterline. Then turn off the waterline. Observe the flow of water after disconnecting the water supply line. If there is a strong flow of water, understand that the amount of pressure is right.

Step-3: Set The Temperature

Keep the temperature at  0 to 5 degrees Centigrade in the auto ice maker in the Samsung refrigerator. Auto ice maker gives good results at this temperature. Wait after setting the temperature. After that, you can prepare the ice to check. If you do not get the desired result, adjust again.

Step-4: Level Your Auto Ice Maker Refrigerator

Your auto ice maker needs to be refrigerator level. If it is not level, it will be a problem for the auto ice maker to work. Sometimes work can be stopped. Notice the bubble to check if the auto ice maker refrigerator level is flat. By looking at the correct position of the bubble, you can tell if there is a level. If not, follow the steps below to level. 

  • Uncover Legs Of The Refrigerator: 

The most important thing to flatten the auto ice maker of the Samsung refrigerator is the front leg. The bottom of the Samsung refrigerator has a cover for the front legs. The cover should be removed to adjust the front legs. You can easily open the cover using a screwdriver.

  • Level The Legs:

Use the screwdriver to flatten the front legs of the Samsung refrigerator. Use the flat head of the screwdriver to level. These two front legs have grooves on both sides. Insert the screwdriver inside the groove and keep rotating. If you turn left, it will act as a lever. 

That means your fridge will continue to rise to the top. You can start adjusting either of the legs first. Keep repeating this procedure until the legs are adjusted.

  • Make Sure The Fridge Is Flat:

You can use the spirit level to make sure your Samsung refrigerator is flat. With the spirit level, you can easily tell which leg is higher. If any leg is high, you have to adjust it again. Turn right with the screwdriver to adjust the high legs. Then check again with a spirit level. 

Continue this process until flattened. Remember that the four legs of the fridge should be flat. The legs of the Samsung refrigerator should be flattened into four squares. After leveling the legs, make sure that the door opens or closes properly. After opening the door of the fridge, make sure that it does not move to one side. 

If the door is tilted to one side, you will understand that the four legs are not flat. You then have to flatten again. Be sure to attach the bottom leg cover to the fridge after leveling.

Step-5: Close The Door Properly

The auto ice maker will not work if the fridge door is open. So you have to make sure that the door of the fridge is closed properly. Check that the seal edge of the fridge door is adjusted correctly. You can use a sheet of paper to check if your fridge door is closed properly. 

Put the sheet on the door and close the door. Then try to pull out the sheet of paper. If the door is closed properly, you will not be able to take out the sheet of paper. The door could not be closed properly if the sheet was removed. You can’t do ice-making if the door is empty. Therefore, you should repair or replace the door.

Step-6: Check Your Water Supply

If you have a water tank for the auto ice maker of the Samsung refrigerator, it should be clean. Again many refrigerators collect water from the main supply line. In case you have such a system in your refrigerator, you can follow this step.

  •  You need to make sure that the water connectors are fixed properly.
  •  Make sure the water valve is on and open.
  • The water hose should not be damaged or blocked.
  • Ensure adequate water pressure. When preparing the ice, the pressure should be at least 30 psi.

Step-7: Check Your Water Filter

The cleanliness of the water depends on the water filter of your refrigerator. You should always make sure that the water filter is not blocked. In this case, you should change the water filter every six months. Also from the display, you can know if you need to change your water filter. 

In the new state, your water filter will show green or blue light on the display. This depends on the lighting model. If the display icon is purple, the water filter needs to be changed. In case the display icon is red, the water filter must be changed.

Benefits Of Using An Auto Ice Maker In Samsung Refrigerator: 

There are many benefits of using an auto ice maker. To get the most out of low cost, you should have an auto ice maker In the Samsung refrigerator in your kitchen. The benefits of using an auto ice maker are outlined below:

  • Instant Gratification:

If you have an auto ice maker, you don’t have to wait for ice. The big advantage of an auto ice maker is that you can take ice from the refrigerator whenever you want. You no longer have to drink unintentionally hot water. You can instantly serve water to the guest with ice cubes.

  • User-Friendly:

Auto ice maker is easier to use than any ice maker. The auto ice maker is designed to be used by everyone. You do not have to worry about the setting. The display has all the instruction buttons. At the push of a button, you get the desired amount of ice.

  • Good Hygiene And Cleanliness:

If you make ice in a normal refrigerator, it can be contaminated. The main reason for ice to be contaminated is the presence of fish, meat, and much more in the refrigerator. But water filters are used in auto ice makers. The water filter prevents the ice in your auto ice maker from getting contaminated.

  • Stored Ice Properly:

If you have an auto ice maker, you don’t have to worry about storing ice, specially designed to store bacteria-free ice. You can use stored ice in Auto Ice Maker without any problem.

Why Does Your Auto Ice Maker On Samsung Refrigerator Not Work?

There are several reasons why the auto ice maker in Samsung refrigerators may not work. The reasons why auto ice makers can’t make ice are described below:

  • Close The Control Arm: 

Ice will not be produced if the control arm of your auto ice maker is off. So, to make ice, you must turn on the control arm.

  • Water Filters Stuck: 

Find out if the filter is fitted properly. Auto ice maker will not work if the position of the water filter is not correct. If the water filter is used for more than 6 months, it should be changed. When replacing the water filter, check to see if it fits with your model.

  • The Motor Is Defective: 

If the motor is defective, ice will not be produced. The defective motor needs to be fixed. First, you should disconnect your refrigerator, and disconnect the water supply to the auto ice maker. Unplug the water supply from the outlet. Then plug the water supply properly again and connect the refrigerator. 

Turn on the auto ice maker and wait 10 seconds. At this time, the valve will be filled with water. Give the ice time to form. If it still does not work properly, the motor needs to be replaced. 

6 Tips Should Follow While Using An Auto Ice Maker In Samsung Refrigerator:

Maintenance is essential to get the most out of your Samsung refrigerator auto ice maker. Below I have described some strategies and tips. You will get maximum output by following these tips.

Tip-1: Keep The Model Updated

Collect updated models of auto ice maker in Samsung refrigerator. You will get more benefits in the updated model than in the old model. Updated models are generally user-friendly. You will get more features.

Tip-2: Follow The User Manual

Always follow the user manual that comes with the Auto Ice Maker in your Samsung refrigerator. Regardless of the model of your auto ice maker, you can manage it by following the user manual.

Tip-3: Install Water Filter

You should install water filters to maintain the quality of ice. The water filter will remove contaminants from the water. Installing a water filter will make your ice taste better.

Tip-4: Change The Water Filter On Time

Long-term use of the same water filter reduces its effectiveness. You can’t get pure ice with an old water filter. Usually, the water filter has to be changed every 6 months. Although the subject of change depends on the use.

Tip-5: Clean The Auto Ice Maker Regularly

If the ice stays for a long time, it can be attacked by bacteria. You should clean your auto ice maker regularly. Auto ice maker’s performance decreases if not cleaned regularly.

Tip-6: Turn Off If Not Needed

If you always keep the auto ice maker on, its lifespan will continue to decrease. You should keep it off from time to time. If you don’t need ice, keep the ice maker off.

Related Questions About An Auto Ice Maker In Samsung Refrigerator: 

How Does An Automatic Ice Maker Work In Samsung Refrigerators?

The auto ice maker with a Samsung refrigerator is connected to an electric switch. When switched on, the solenoid of the inlet valve turns. The solenoid turns and opens for 6 seconds. During this time, the mold of the auto ice maker is filled with water. Ice making begins after the mold is full. 

When the ice-making is done, the circuit automatically shuts off. After pressing the button to take the ice, the ice mold warms up. As a result, the ice becomes loose. Then the ice pushes towards one of the shafts. Ice is crushed by blades that are attached to the shaft. Or the ice comes out the form which you want it to.

Why Does Your Samsung Refrigerator Not Make Ice Automatically?

If your water pressure is low, ice does not freeze. In addition, low-quality ice is created due to water filter problems. Water cannot easily turn into ice due to the high presence of minerals in the water. In case the water temperature is too high, the ice maker will not work properly. Whether you solve these problems, your auto ice maker will automatically produce ice.

Where Is The Test Button On Your Samsung Auto Ice Maker? 

The Test Button is rectangular. The word “test” is written on this button. This button can be next to or in front of the ice maker. Sometimes there may be a test button under the ice maker.

When you press the test button, you will hear a ding-dong sound or a chime in the refrigerator. This sound indicates that your auto ice maker is working properly. One thing to keep in mind is to never press this button repeatedly. This can lead to an overflow of ice maker water. Also, ice jams can damage your ice maker.

Can A Samsung Auto Ice Maker Be Used Without A Filter?

If you think that water quality is good, you can make ice without a filter. But I don’t think it’s right to use an auto ice maker without filters. Because even if you make good quality ice in the first stage, after a while the color of the ice starts to change. So you should use an auto ice maker with a filter.

Why Isn’t Your Auto Ice Maker In The Samsung Refrigerator  Dropping Ice?

One of the major problems in your auto ice maker is not dropping ice. Also, the crushed ice comes out or the ice that comes out has no taste. The main reason for this may be that the auto ice maker has a child lock on. To solve this you can turn off the child lock. It also causes water filters, so you can change them too. 

Will Your Samsung Fridge Automatically Make Ice?

Your Samsung fridge will automatically make ice. You will get ice 12 hours after you turn on the Samsung fridge. However, it is a slow process. You can make ice by using the mold that is usually in the fridge. From this mold, you will get 30 cubes of ice per batch.

How Do You Turn The Ice Maker On And Off On A Samsung Refrigerator?

To turn on your Auto Ice Maker, press the button on the display. Hold down the button for 3 seconds. When the ice maker is on, the LED light will be displayed on the display. Then the ice maker will start to prepare the ice. Hold down the button again for 3 seconds to turn off your auto ice maker. When the ice maker is off, there will be no LED light.

How Long Does It Take For Samsung Fridge To Make Ice?

After 10 hours of installing Auto Ice Maker, you will get ice. After 10 hours, you can collect ice at intervals of 55 to 90 minutes. If you do not collect the ice after 10 hours, the auto ice maker will automatically turn off. In case you collect ice again, the ice maker will be on.

Final Verdict:

I can say with confidence that you now know how to use the auto ice maker in the Samsung refrigerator. But if you want to check any part of the ice maker, do it carefully. Unplug the unit before checking any components. This will save you from electric shock.

Keep an eye on the quality of your ice. If you find the quality of the ice to be bad, you must check the auto ice maker.

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